The Payday Loans: Know Benefits and Apply Now


A payday loan means financing for private individuals or traders with a small to medium loan amount.

A payday loan means financing for private individuals or traders with a small to medium loan amount.

Up to what amount a financing is considered as small loan differs from the definitions of the banks. The upper limit here is usually at a total of 5,000 euros. A payday loan can already be taken from starting at 1,000 euros.

The most common loans in the small loan sector are small loans for 1,000 euros as well as 1,500 euros and 2,000 euros. The purpose of a small loan (also called mini-credit) is basically free. Whenever money is needed, either because one’s own funds are insufficient or because the savings should remain untouched, micro-credit plays an important role.

The small loan is often an emergency solution for short-term payments or temporary bottlenecks. Especially if you have an entry at the Schufa, it is worth taking a look at the possibilities that offers you.

We offers small loans not only for employees or civil servants, but also for the self-employed, trainees, students and retirees. Under certain conditions, a small loan for low-income earners is possible. Feel free to contact our customer service.

The advice is as free and non-binding as the use of the loan calculator. Find and apply via your small loan online, quickly and easily.

Your advantages are obvious:

Your advantages are obvious:

  • Presentation of the loan directly on the computer, on the smartphone or tablet PC
  • No fees before the payment is made
  • No waiting for a personal appointment with the bank

The advantage of borrowing is that you do not have to leave the house and that you do not have to justify yourself to a bank accountant about your future and your finances. Even if your loan application is rejected, you do not have to look anyone in the eye and endure this unpleasant conversation. Online is an alternative to traditional banks. As a credit intermediary, the platform supports borrowers with their projects and investors with their investments.

Sometimes there are good reasons to take out a small loan or an installment loan. These include unplanned expenses, such as a surprisingly high utility bill or the replacement of an important household appliance. Even unpredictable repairs, major purchases or a move are reasons to take out a loan. In many cases, an installment loan can even be very economical. And that’s when a major investment such as the purchase of a kitchen is planned. As a cash payer, there is often the opportunity to negotiate a substantial discount and to make the investment immediately.

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